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                首页 > English > International Exchanges > History of International Exchanges

                History of International Exchanges


                Hwa Nan Women’s College has carried on the fine tradition of international exchange and cooperation since its predecessor Hwa Nan College was established in 1908. Thanks to Dr. Lewis’ initiative, Hwa Nan established friendly relations and a cooperative relationship with seven “Sister Colleges” within the United States. These seven institutions of higher learning contributed funding, equipment, and sent teachers to Hwa Nan. Wallace later recorded the funds received and the departments at Hwa Nan adopted by each sister college. The seven sister colleges include:

                Mt. Union College, Ohio       
                Baldwin-Wallace College, Ohio 
                West Virginia Wesleyan College
                Cornell College, Iowa         
                Morningside College, Iowa
                Southwestern College, Kansas  
                Missouri Wesleyan College    
                for Gymnasium;
                for Household Science;
                for Department of Physiology:
                for Music Department;
                for Chemistry Department;
                for Biology Department;
                for Normal Department .

                As one of the 13 Christian colleges and universities in China, Fujian Hwa Nan Women’s College has had a strong partnership with the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia for many years. The United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia is a Christian organization that works in partnership with higher education institutions in 13 different countries and regions in Asia to express their core values, such as justice, reconciliation and harmony between ethnic and religious communities, gender equality, care for the environment, and civil society. The United Board operates as a pragmatic grant-making and grant-seeking organization.
                Fujian Hwa Nan Women’s College is grateful to the United Board for awarding grants to support its faculty development. With persistent faculty development support from the United Board, a number of young faculty member’s academic views are broadened and their professional skills are upgraded. Over the past 30 years, there have been 17 young faculty members who have received grant support to pursue their Master’s Degrees at Florida State University in the USA, Assumption University in Thailand, Ateneo De Manila University, and De La Salle University in the Philippines. Moreover, additional faculty members have sought degrees at various Chinese universities with the support of the United Board.
                In 2009, with the help of the United Board, the proposal of library furnishings was successfully granted by the ASHA, USAID. A grant of $400,000 has assisted our college in the acquisition of technology equipment and learning resources. These strengthened the library as a campus resource center by proving access to knowledge and information available electronically, through traditional print media, and through lectures and other presentations in up-to-date facilities. This project was completed successfully by the end of 2012.
                Long term connections have been built with some international organizations and colleges. Academic exchange programs have been established with Puget Sound University, Centenary College, Florida State University, Morningside College and Emporia State University. Each year, an average of ten foreign teachers from different countries teache English courses in Hwa Nan. Most of them are independent volunteers who give unlimited service that continues to magnify the Hwa Nan educational mission. The college Foreign Affairs Office (FAO) staff's fluent English and careful service has built a warm living environment for the foreign teachers so they feel as comfortable as possible away from home.


                John Reynders ,the president of Morningside College and his party visited Hwa Nan