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                How happy we are to have friends from afar!

                     To promote the exchange between USA and China, at the invitation of Hwa Nan, a group of ten teachers and students from Sacred Heart Academy, Hawaii, USA came to visit Hwa Nan between October 8 and October 18.  Senior high school girls from Sacred Heart paired up with Hwa Nan students.  They attended a series of activities promoting friendship and experiencing Chinese culture.

                Visiting old campus of Hwa Nan


                640 (1).jpg 640 (2).jpg 640 (3).jpg

                Visiting Provincial Museum and learning to make traditional Chinese clothing


                640 (4).jpg 640 (5).jpg 640 (6).jpg

                Making pastry with teachers and students from Food Nutrition program


                640 (7).jpg 640 (8).jpg 640 (9).jpg

                Interacting with Hwa Nan students in class


                640 (10).jpg 640.webp (2).jpg  640.webp (1).jpg

                Visiting Lin Zexu Memorial, Three Lanes and Seven Alleys


                640 (11).jpg 640 (12).jpg
                640 (13).jpg 640 (15).jpg

                Attending Hwa Nan English corner


                640 (16).jpg 640 (17).jpg 640 (18).jpg

                A trip to Drum Mountain


                640 (19).jpg 640 (20).jpg 640 (21).jpg
                640 (22).jpg 640 (26).jpg 640 (24).jpg

                Bob’s friendship dinner


                640 (27).jpg 640 (28).jpg
                640 (29).jpg 640 (30).jpg

                Chinese paper-cutting workshop


                640.webp (1).jpg 640.webp.jpg

                A trip to Quanzhou


                640.webp (3).jpg 640.webp (4).jpg 640.webp (2).jpg

                Visiting Pingtan Experimentary Primary School


                640.webp (5).jpg 640.webp (6).jpg 640.webp (7).jpg

                Establishing sister school relationship with Fuqing No. 2 Middle School