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                Morningside College


                Morningside College founded in 1894 is a private, co-eduational institution in Sioux City, Iowa, USA. It is one of the seven sister colleges of Hwa Nan College before liberation. Lydia Trimble, founder and the first president of Hwa Nan College graduated from Morningside in 1904. Dr. Ida Belle Lewis and Lucy Wang, the second and the third president of Hwa Nan Collge also graduated from Morningside College in 1909 and 1921 respectively.
                On May 15, 2008, a delegation led by President John Reynders of Morningside College visited Hwa Nan to reconnect with Hwa Nan. A cooperative program is established during this visit, which allows Hwa Nan graduates to be enrolled in a specially designed program leading to a BA degree from Morningside College. Hwa Nan candidates must submit their Hwa Nan transcripts together with their IELTS scores.
                Since Year 2009, thirteen Hwa Nan graduates have successfully achieved BA degrees at Morningside College. Every summer, Hwa Nan Women’s College hosts one Morningside College faculty member as well as two students for a six week educational exchange. Lin Ben Chun, former President of Hwa Nan, visited Morningside College in 2012 and received an honorary Ph.D. degree from Morningside College. Currently, Morningside College and Hwa Nan Women’s College are seeking opportunities for additional cooperative initiatives.