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                Centenary University


                Hwa Nan Women’s College had a cooperative agreement with Centenary University in New Jersey, USA in 2000, which allows Hwa Nan graduates to continue education at Centenary University for BA Degree in one year.
                Centenary University is a private coeducational higher education institution founded in 1867, located in a small town Hackettstown in the state of New Jersey two hours’ drive west of New York City. The total student enrollment is about 3000, of which 20% is from 20 foreign countries.  Free tutoring is available to foreign students to help them improve English. The dormitories have been modernized with each room accommodating two students. Each student is provided with a laptop and a printer to be used during the school year.
                To be qualified to make applications to Centenary, applicants must take TOEFL or IELTS with minimum scores of 75 for TOEFL or 5 for IELTS.Candidates are eligible for a scholarship for dormitory and food expenses.
                Since 2000, around 23 Hwa Nan graduates have graduated from Centenary University with BA Degrees. Many of them have continued to study for Master or Ph. D Degrees. Currently four Hwa Nan graduates are studying at Centenary University.